No flies on me

There must have been two hundred bodies on the floor – the dead and the dying. My hand flew to my mouth in horror and my stomach rolled threatening to bring its’ contents back into the daylight. They were on the floor of the bathroom, the kitchen and the two teaching rooms. Black and still – apart from the odd few whose legs thrashed in the final throes of death. My mind was in turmoil. Who should I inform? Did I have time to clear away the carnage before the pupils arrived? What had caused so many deaths in such a short period of time, after all when I’d left on Friday evening there was nothing untoward in any of the rooms.

A couple of hundred blue bottles (flies) from out of nowhere is alarming and after clearing away the carcasses I set about trying to locate the source. We had noticed two or three flies on Friday afternoon but had thought little about it as we had another issue occupying our minds and senses: one of our young people has a problem with his digestive system and without going into too much detail emits an aroma which makes slurry seem fragrant. As Angela (another teacher) and I gipped our way through the day we paid little attention to the flies.

A phone call to our landlords and all became clear: either we had left some meat to rot somewhere or there was a dead seagull on the roof. Fortunately I was able to reassure her that the only meat we kept in the Centre was processed to use in sandwiches and kept in the fridge. I resisted the urge to lecture her on the fact that there is no such creature as a “Seagull” but my hackles rose when it was implied that had we not opened any windows then we wouldn’t have a problem.  It’s May, it’s warm, and we had a very smelly pupil – we had little option but to open the windows.

Seemingly once the bird rots completely there will be nowhere else for the flies to breed and they should naturally die out – unless that is, I take revenge on a certain someone for suggesting its all our fault, and provide the flies with a new breeding ground 🙂


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