Another also-ran!

In his profile picture he looked like an older version of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean – slightly frayed at the edges, but otherwise the likeness was unmistakable. His hair was dark, straight and shoulder length, and he sported a very neat black beard. His eyes seemed deep and brooding.

He was, he said, a taxi driver although he didn’t own a car and would have to get the bus if he came through to see me. He lived in a town twenty miles north of where I live.
Something – feminine intuition? – made me suspicious and when he asked about a date I put him off and said I was busy that week. I’d given him my mobile number and he continued to send regular articulate and interesting texts. When he rang however, his contribution to the conversation was monosyllabic at best. Something wasn’t adding up!

He asked for a date again the following week. This time I told a lie and said I wasn’t at all well and felt it would be unfair to inflict my infections upon him. In response he said that he’d like to come through and nurse me better! He also told me that he’d kept and printed out every text and computer message we’d exchanged as he felt we had a wonderful future together and he wanted them as memories.

Vodafone were very accommodating when I asked them to change my phone number as I had a stalker!

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