Henry strikes again!

Henry is curious. And he is a dog of very little brain. His entire raison d’être is to assuage his constant hunger. Life is a challenge to Henry Pupkin: to seek out and find every edible morsel in any given context. Of course this involved checking out everything to see if it contains any nutrients – plant pots, soil, dried dog poo, stones, socks, terracotta plant pot feet, underwear and wood being his favourites.

All this probably explains why when I foolishly left him unattended for three minutes he decided to examine the contents of my handbag for consumables.  He ate the Fruit Pastilles he found in there and spread the sweet wrapper and everything else across the living room floor – with the notable exception of my purse which was missing.

For the second time this year I experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when I realised my purse wasn’t there. It was made worse by the fact I had just promised to pay for a meal out with Chris and Adam. How was I going to explain this to them? Less than ten minutes after offering to stand a meal on my windfall tax rebate I have to renege because the dog’s stolen my purse!

Dusk was rapidly closing in as I stepped out into the garden. If he’d taken my purse out there, the chances of finding it were slim at best. Henry meantime was dancing excitedly round my feet and I could almost sense him saying “colder” or “warmer” with each tentative step. It was such a good game to him.

Then I saw it! My heart leapt – then sank again as I saw several pieces of paper surrounding it – not my cash? Luckily it was only some shop receipts and the reminder for my dentist appointment. Scooping everything up I reassembled my handbag, minus Fruit Pastilles, and reflected on how fortunate I’d been that he hadn’t eaten the money or chewed my bank card beyond recognition.

Time for cages now Henry Pupkin and pals and I’m away to enjoy a Chinese supper.



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