Just to put the record straight …

 … Internet dating has provided me with much laughter, some tears and a great deal of inspiration for this blog. I’ve met some very strange characters and shall write about some more of them later. However amidst the flotsam and jetsam of Tinternet Dating there is the occasional real gem and I’ve been lucky enough to find a ruby in the mountain of rocks.

Chris and I started talking on Valentine’s Day and haven’t really stopped since, although there is the odd pause for work and other daily tasks to be completed. He is an amazing man: a gentle-man who is articulate, caring and intellectual and who has already survived trips out with my Grandchildren and my dogs. He stimulates my mind – and that is the quintessential factor for a successful relationship from my perspective.

To find a man, who enjoys walking in the countryside, loves animals and kids, listens to Radio 4, enjoys similar tastes in music and intelligent conversation is a real bonus. To discover he lives in the same town is another plus. To then realise that he enjoys spending time with me, the kids or the dogs is just fantastic.

So although I can write about some of the frogs I’ve kissed, it’s always worth remembering that it was through Internet Dating (Plenty of Fish: pof.com) that I found my Prince 

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2 Responses to Just to put the record straight …

  1. Now THAT means that I can read the tales of the also-rans, without feeling too bad for you. Excellent! 🙂

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